MuseumLink's Museum of Museums

MuseumLink's Museum of Museums will eventually contain links to every museum on the planet, from the world's largest to the most obscure (assuming they have a website). See the very beginning of this effort at U.S. Museums by State or the newly started Canadian Museums.

MuseumLink prefers to let museums speak for themselves. Official websites are listed in preference to third-party sites whenever possible, with the occasional exception of dual listings.

New sites constantly come on-line and existing site addresses change frequently; MuseumLink encourages you to alert us to these situations by sending email to:

Until MuseumLink's Museum of Museums opens new European, Asian, etc., wings, here are some International Museum links.

MuseumLink's Collection of Virtual Museums

And then there are Virtual Museums, existing only in cyberspace -- take a look at our growing collection!

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