Virtual Museums

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American Memory The U.S. Library of Congress

The American Museum of Photography

AOL CD Presentation Guild and Museum

Art Gallery (Renaissance paintings)

The Baptista-Bastos Virtual Museum

Barrie's Virtual Museum of Antique Clocks

Beatles-Museum On-line

The Beatles Worldsite Museum

Canada's Digital Collections

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

The Chocolate Cat Collection Cat Museum

The Collectics Virtual Museum

The Cyberspace Museum of Natural History and Exploration Technology

Cyber Telephone Museum

The Cyber Toaster Museum

Deafness in Disguise Concealed Hearing Devices of the 19th & 20th Centuries. (Becker Medical Library, Washington University, and Central Institute for the Deaf, St. Louis)

Emotions Greeting Cards' Greeting Card Museum

Espectro's Virtual Museum of Artwork


Evansville Museum of Arts and Science's Virtual Museum

Fine Arts in Hungary

Fort Smith Trolley Museum (But there's a real museum, too -- see our Arkansas page.)

Gallery Q

Dr. Hugo ||Museums of the Mind||

King Padibastet's Tomb -- The Virtual Egyptian Museum

Leo M. Kelly, Jr.'s Golf Museum

MECA -- the Museum of Ephemeral Cultural Artifacts

The Medicine Museum (Jodhpur, India)

Museum of Intergalactic Art

Museum Suite

Museum of Talking Boards

The Museum of Temporary Art Tuebingen, Germany

Museum der Unerhoren Dinge

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery

Museum of Web Art

MUVA Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais Uruguay

The Newfoundland Salt Fisheries Digital Exhibit

O'Neill's Electronic Museum

Pecos Rio Grande Museum

Resource Library Magazine's Distinguished Artist Series (not exactly a virtual museum, but close enough.)

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

The Sheboygan Art Museum (Can you fathom why this site is listed only in our Virtual Museum section?)

To Fly Is Everything

Rama IX Art Museum (Thailand)

The Canadian Museum of Civilization's Social Progress Gallery

David Hulse's Steam Engines of the Eighteenth Century (England)

Swiss National Exhibition Bern 1914

Texas Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts Online Museum

Virtual Museum of Surveying

Virtual Surveying Instrument Collection (Australia)

The University of Michigan Detroit Observatory Virtual Museum

A Virtual Museum of Civil War Memorabilia

Volcano World

Web Gallery of Art Hungary

The Web Museum Paris, France (quite a collection of art)

Woodcock Museum (You might imagine this excellent site to belong to a physical museum -- it does not -- it is entirely virtual.)

Yellow Airplane Virtual Museum

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